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02.07.2005 // 1:11 p.m.

this is one of those cliche random i-tunes entries... steps 1-3 were stolen from someone's livejournal, so long ago, i can't remember whose idea it was in the first place...and steps 4-5 are something i made up on the spur of the moment� feel free to pass this on...

step 1: open your MP3 player.
step 2: put all of your music on random.
step 3: write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
step 4: (i made this step up) write down your favorite lyrics from each song
step 5: psychoanalyze yourself repeatedly!!

1. the cardigans - closing time

life - greatest of all
life - strongest of all
but at the same time
most delicate time
could well end in a moment

2. dead milkmen - punk rock girl

we went to a shopping mall
and laughed at all the shoppers
and security guards trailed us
to a record shop
we asked for Mojo Nixon
they said "he don't work here"
we said "if you don't got Mojo Nixon
then your store could use some fixin'"

3. stabbing westward - save yourself

i know that you�ve been damaged
your soul has suffered such abuse
but i am not your savior
i am just as fucked as you
i am just as fucked as you
i can not save you
i can�t even save myself
so just save yourself

4. clan of xymox - dancing barefoot

i'm dancing barefoot, heading for a spin
some strange music draws me in
makes me come on like some heroine

5.splender - i think god can explain

there�s a lot of things i understand,
and there�s a lot of things,
that i don�t want to know.
but you�re the only face,
i recognize, it�s so damn sweet of you,
to look me in the eyes.

6. jesus jones � right here, right now

you know it feels good to be alive
i was alive and i waited, waited
i was alive and i waited for this
right here, right now
there is no other place I want to be
right here, right now
watching the world wake up from history

7. tori amos - glory of the 80s

he said, "i'm not afraid to die."
i said,"i don't find that remotely funny
on, on this space dig high."

8. toad the wet sprocket � all i want

all i want is to feel this way
to be this close, to feel the same
all i want is to feel this way
the evening speaks, i feel it say�

9. dave matthews band � the space between

the space between
what�s wrong and right
is where you�ll find me hiding
waiting for you
the space between
your heart and mind
is the space we�ll fill with time

10. gin blossoms - hey jealousy

you can trust me not to drink
and not to sleep around
and if you don't expect too much from me
you might not be let down

11. vitamin c - turn me on

are you gonna turn me on?
or are you gonna turn on me?

12. beck - girl of my dreams

i first met you down on Lover's Lane
the birds were insane, flapping all about
softly you would sing, swinging in your swing
it wasn't night, it wasn't day

13. the cardigans - choke

a common line
i close my eyes
but couldn't let it go
the perfect time
i dropped my guard
and lost but won somehow

14. depeche mode - dreaming of me

filming and dreaming, i picture the scene
filming and dreaming, dreaming of me

15. the cure - plainsong

sometimes you make me feel like i'm living at
the edge of the world like i'm living at the edge
of the world "it's just the way i smile" you said

16. information society - running

hot steamy night alone
i wait for you.
cold brittle morning alone
and i cry for you.
and when you finally call,
you cloak your moves in the shadows.

those days and nights i was good to you.
they must not have meant very much to you.
the night i needed you the most,
my cries fell on deaf ears.

17. curtis stigers � to be loved

paint your nails
paint your face
paint around the empty space
find a man that can provide
try and fill the hole inside
with a family and a home
tell yourself you're not alone
keep your memories of yourself
in a shoebox on a closet shelf
but you deserve to be loved
you deserve something real
time to heal
time to feel
but you deserve to be loved
you deserve something real

18. bush - mouth

all your mental armour drags me down
we can't breathe when you come around
all your mental armour drags me down
nothing hurts like your mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth
your mouth, mouth, mouth

19. howie day - so fucking sweet

you�ve got nowhere to run
but you�ve got someplace to be
you�ve got nowhere to run
but you�ve got someplace to be
that's with me
that's with me

20. michal � broken boy

'cause i'm nothing girl and nothing hurts
when you're with me
and you're broken boy
and all your dreams are broken toys
and i'll take your love
and turn it into nothingness like me

feel free to leave mp3 requests for any of these songs in my guestbook or notes or whatever... ditto that for pretty much anything else that you may be looking for... i have a two year subscription for a P2P, and i'm determined to take advantage of it by downloading as much as i can & discovering as much new music as humanly possible...

as you can see, i listen to a wide variety of music... if anyone wants to to psychoanalyze me on the basis of these twenty songs & the lyrics i chose from each one, psychoanazlyze away... but keep in mind that these are 20 of over 3000 or so mp3s i currently have in rotation... psycoanalyze away... but don't make too many assumptions...

i have attempted to psychoanalyze myself and here's what i come up with... girl is overly emotional & overly dramatic... girl is obsessed with love... girl is likewise obsessed with death & dying... girl is quite possibly stuck in the 80s/90s... and most of all... girl has entirely too much free time on her hands!!

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